About FELC

First English Lutheran Church is a congregation of the ELCA.

We’re a community of faith welcoming people from all walks of life to join us in worship, community life, and service to the world.  Whether you’re a lifelong Lutheran, a former something else, or a seeker and questioner looking for more to life and a place to explore , we’re glad to have you.

We’re Lutheran, so that means we believe in grace for everyone. The good news of Jesus Christ, who brings us the love and mercy of God as a gift, liberates us to love as we are loved, serve as we are served, and give as we have been given much.

Our members, friends, and visitors are from all generations. We celebrate being a community of young, old, and in-between coming together to share life trusting in the Gospel of Jesus Christ that gathers all people to be one body.

Worship at FELC emphasizes grace, encountering God in Christ through Word and Sacrament, experiencing holiness and mystery through music, beauty, ritual, silence, and the gathered community. You are invited to participate in ways that are meaningful for you. Our worship is rooted in the historic, liturgical and musical traditions of the church while enjoying church music from all eras and other world cultures. The entire worship liturgy is printed in the bulletin, making it easy for everyone to participate even if unfamiliar with Lutheran liturgical worship.

First English was founded in 1936 as the first all English language Lutheran church in Austin at a time when German and other northern European languages were commonly being used for worship.  This is the origin of the name “First English” and there were several hundred “First English” Lutheran churches around the country during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some historical documents from the early years are available to view here.

Since 1989, FELC has openly welcomed persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities to full participation in the church.  It was the first Texas congregation to join the “Reconciling in Christ” program of Reconciling Works (formerly Lutherans Concerned).

FELC has had only five pastors in its over 80 year history.  Our current pastor, Michael Coffey, also served as our vicar #26 (intern pastor) in 1991-92.  FELC has a long history of vicars — seminary students learning to become pastors who spend a year with us supervised by our pastor and the vicar committee.  In 2016 we welcomed our 48th vicar.

Child Development Center

We have an excellent Child Development Center.  Visit the web site at www.firstenglishcdc.org