Weekly Update – September 22

Companion Café Starts September 23


This Week’s Menu
Tuscan Pasta with Chicken
Green Beans with Roasted Red Pepper
Caesar Salad

Our weekly dinner ministry begins Wednesday, September 23.
We will serve dinner from 6–7 PM with dine-in or carry-out options.
Suggested donation per plate, $5; child plate option of $3.


Children’s Formation September 27th

GP beginning

On the fourth day, God said, “Let there be sun and a moon and stars.” This Sunday, we continue our science workshops centered on the story of Creation (Genesis 1:1—2:4).

The Pre-K—2nd grade group will be led by Ms. Anne Wiebe. Grades 3—5 will be led by Mr. Joe Cain. Our helpers are Ms. Betsy Appleton and Ms. Natalie Archer. We are blessed to have such nurturing leaders for our children. Thank you!

Parents that missed our parent/child orientation need to be prepared to quietly observe our opening time at 9:45am in the library. I’ll be reminding the children of our processes and you’ll need to hear that. Once the opening time is finished, unless you’re a teacher or helper, we’re asking all adults to leave the room.

All parents should pick up their children promptly at 10:45am. If the weather is good we’ll be on the playground. If the weather is poor we’ll be on the stage in the fellowship hall.

Tip of the Week
Anxiety increases when children feel rushed (mine actually sense my own anxiety). If you’re running late relax. When you arrive, take a few deep breathes and calmly and quietly enter the room. In a perfect world everyone arrives promptly before 9:45am. In the real world we all run late from time to time.


Sunday Adult Forum at 9:45

September 27: Transgenderism
Kate Wanstrom, Family Nurse Practitioner will do an educational presentation on what transgenderism is, possible causes, treatments, and the emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual aspects of living with this condition. Questions and discussion are welcome.


This Week in Godly Play

GP Ark

This week our core presentation will focus on God’s promise through Noah (Genesis 6:5—9:17). We now move with the people of God from the creation to the re-creation and God’s promise to Noah, to God’s family and to us. This sacred story is always one of the children’s favorites.

Godly Play happens three weeks per month during the children’s gathering time of the 11am service. All children are welcomed and encouraged to attend. We return to the nave the sharing of the peace and the children have the option of staying with Mr. Jimmy in soft space of the north transept, or returning to their families in the pews.

God’s Peace,
Mr. Jimmy



Youth Haps923
We had a busy and wonderful afternoon this past Sunday. Thanks to all youth that participated. We meet for lunch at Miltos Mediterranean Café. We watched a short film and had a discussion about prayer. Does God answer prayers? Does God answer some prayers but not others? Who benefits from prayer? Do you pray? How do you pray?

Then we joined with the senior high youth from St. David’s. We ventured downtown and had some excellent frozen yogurt. We discussed thoughts and words. We tasked ourselves with trying to say positive things. I shared my own example on facebook—rather than saying, “I’m really sick of the hot weather” I could say, “the hot weather continues to allow me to sweat out the toxins of my poor eating habits.” We finished with circling prayer, thanking God for our time together.

Oh, and thanks to JP for introducing me to a very funny Canadian TV show and Liam for suggesting what has to be the most bizarre movie I’ve ever watched.

Our next joint venture with St. David’s will also include the youth from Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran, and Christ Episcopal Church. We’re planning a huge lock-in on October 16th. A few of the activities being planned are a scavenger hunt, movie, spooky bell tower tour, and a live DJ! I’m exhausted already 🙂

Keep it weird FELC youth. We may be small in number, but we are mighty in spirit.

Jimmy Wright


New Online Bible Study Begins Monday, September 28

wealthpovertyWealth and Poverty, Race and Class: A Biblical Conversation Just when you thought it was safe to read the Bible… Many biblical texts speak about issues of wealth and poverty, race and class, issues central to our lives today. Join Pastor Coffey for weekly online postings and
conversations and monthly meetings. We’ll be looking at key biblical texts and explore how they speak to and inspire us today.

Pastor Coffey will post a biblical texts, teaching, and offer comments on it. You can read the posts and comment on them at www.felcaustin.org/biblestudy.

Anyone participating in the Bible Study will be invited to join in an occasional evening meeting (about once a month) for further conversation. Look for date and place information soon.


Change to the Coffeys’ Church Dinner Party Dates

The last two church dinner parties at the Coffeys’ home are scheduled for October 3 and 17 at 6 PM (both are on Saturdays). This is a change from the September Echoes article, due to Pastor Coffey’s schedule changes. Please contact him ASAP to reserve your spot — these are the last two dates for the year.


St. Francis Day Worship in the Park & Animal Blessing: October 4st francis

St. Francis Day is October 4, and this year it falls on a Sunday. To celebrate Francis’s love of creation and animals, we will have our second worship in the park event for the 11:00 liturgy (8:30 will be in the sanctuary).

Bring your leashed or caged animals to join us for worship and receive a blessing. This is a great event to invite friends and neighbors to.