Weekly Update – September 2


The First English worship schedule returns to two services
beginning Sunday, 
September 7, 8:30 am & 11 am.

Holy Communion is celebrated at both services every Sunday.


Generations In Faith Together

FELC Productions is proud to present the GIFT 2014.

FELC stage performers will once again entertain our entire congregation in this
multi-generational, church-wide celebration of our 2014/2015 Christian Formation
program year.

Who should come? Everyone!
What can we expect? Music, singing, skits, quiz show, small group creativity,
comedy, laughter, conversations, and much, much more!

· Rated G for all audiences
· September 7, 2014
· Matinee time is 9:45 am.
· Location—Fellowship Hall of First English Lutheran Church Austin


ELCA Day of Service
Sunday, September 7

For the second year in a row, the ELCA is celebrating an all congregations day
of service called “God’s Work. Our Hands.”

Congregations are encouraged to perform acts of service in their local
communities. You can learn more about the national event at www.elca.org.

At First English, we will observe the day by gathering after 11:00 worship and hospitality to work on the rain garden project along 30th street, and clean up Adams and Hemphill Parks. Wear outdoor work clothes to worship if you like. Bottled water and fresh fruit will be provided. An indoor service project is being planned as well.

If you have one of the yellow “God’s Work. Our Hands.” t-shirts from last year,
wear it again. Pastor Coffey has three available (2 adult large, 1 adult small).
They will be given away to the first 3 people who request them and say they will
be joining the “God’s Work. Our Hands.” work day. E-mail Pastor Coffey
(pastor@felcaustin.org) or call the church (512-478-1933).



In observance of the annual God’s Work. Our Hands. Sunday we are going to help
with the FELC service project after the 11 o’clock service and then go out to
eat at Trudy’s, just down the street from First English (409 W. 30th Street).
The day is Sunday, September 7!

It will be a great day to enjoy some tasty food, refreshing beverages, and good
company after some great service! Share your summer stories and any cool ideas
you have for our ministry this upcoming academic year. Looking forward to seeing
you all there!
Contact: Andy at petras.andrew@yahoo.com or Erin at erin922@gmail.com.



The FELC Book Club is asking again for your help! Please take our survey, now through September 15! We need your opinion on the book suggestions we collected, to choose our book list for the upcoming year.

Go to this Web site to take the survey: http://www.surveyexpression.com/Survey.aspx?id=c9307809-593b-4697-a758-8a765607aef1

THANK YOU! Any questions? Contact Anne Wiebe, wiebeanne@hotmail.com.



If you are an early bird, consider volunteering for the Micah 6 early bird team.
This group receives the weekly delivery of food from the Capital Area Food Bank.
There is a shift open on the First English team on the first Thursday of the
month from 6:30 to 8:00 am, but other weeks may be available as well.

If you like to organize events, consider volunteering for the Micah 6
fundraising committee. This committee plans special events and letter appeals to
raise individual donations to support Micah 6 operations. There is a lot of
opportunity to be creative and have fun with this committee! The committee
meets about six times per year at times convenient to all committee members.

For more information, contact Jackie Chuter at jackiechuter@yahoo.com. To sign
up, contact Jan Hames at janhames@gmail.com. Thank you!


Jimmy’s Intersections for Families, Youth, Children

Look for information anytime on the FELC Web site.

Click the link at Children and Youth on the Home Page of the FELC Web site.
Christian Formation for Youth
Christian Formation for Families
Christian Formation for Children

Contact Jimmy at: formation@felcaustin.org