Weekly Update – September 17

Sunday, September 21 after the 11 o’clock service
In the Fellowship Hall

You are invited to come and learn about all of the ministries and activities happening at First English and discover ways to get involved. Light refreshments will be provided.

See you there!


Companion Café Volunteers Needed

For two years, we have had a fantastic Wednesday evening ministry called Companion Café. We have prepared great meals, and enjoyed sharing dinner together with church members, day care families, new visitors, and whoever cares to join us.

In order to continue this ministry in the fall, we need volunteers. Without enough volunteers for each of the café jobs, we can’t pull it off with the level of quality and enjoyment we would like.

The volunteer jobs are:
Head chef (plans menu, shops, directs food prep and cooking). 1 each week.
Food prep and cooking from 3:30 to 6:00. 4 each week.
Setup and serve from 5:30 to 7:00. 4 each week.
Cleanup from 6:30 to 8:00. 4 to 6 each week.

A volunteer can do more than one job in a week, like cooking and setup and serve, or setup and serve and cleanup.

If you’d like to volunteer and help Companion Café continue on as a great ministry of our congregation, let Pastor Coffey know by e-mailing him at pastor@felcaustin.org. Indicate which of the above jobs you’d like to do and how many times a month you can do them.

With enough volunteers, we plan to start the Companion Café in October.


Lutheran BREWtherhood
Thursday, September 18 at 7:30 pm
Dog and Duck Pub

Each month, all men of the church are invited to meet for brotherhood and whatever beverage you enjoy. The Dog and Dog Pub (Guadalupe and 17th) is one of Austin’s best hangouts. These meetings are a great time to get to know each other, and plan men’s events like retreats and service projects. contact Pastor Coffey for info: pastor@felcaustin.org


Jimmy’s Intersections for Families, Youth, Children

Christian Formation continues this week, Sunday, September 21,  at 9:45 am.

Ruth Gray will lead the Club Spark (pre-k – 1st grade) kids, who will create a John the Baptist puppet and use him to tell the story. This workshop will help children experience the story through the use of the visual-spacial learning style. Visual-spatial encourages learning through the use of art, verbal, and physical imagery.

Joe Cain will lead Club Blaze (2nd – 5th grade) by using scenes from the movie, Robots. Children will begin to experience the use of allegory in our movie and make connections with our story. The use of visual media helps children acquire concrete concepts, such as object identification, spatial relationship, or motor skills where words alone are inefficient.

Dawn Wetzel will lead the Sr. High youth in our 2nd session of #Igniteyouthforum. This unique program helps youth begin to verbalize their beliefs and think theologically about the world that surrounds them. We discuss world events, hot topic issues, spiritual practices, and topics important to youth culture. We are Christ-centered and attempt to apply faith, reason, and tradition into our discussions.

See you on Sunday!

Jimmy Wright


Tuesday, September 23 at 7 pm

The evening Companions group will begin its new study Tuesday, September 23, 7-8:30 pm at Barbara Wiederaenders’ home, (512) 451-0684.

The group will be using The Way of Discernment by Elizabeth Liebert (available on the Web). They will meet weekly through early December. Anyone is welcome to join in. Contact Teresa Tice-Boggs for additional information: ttbhip@gmail.com