Weekly Update – March 3

Saturday, March 7, 2015
10am-7:30 pm

Join us on Saturday for our annual Lenten Retreat.

This year it will be held at the beautiful Buescher State Park

Please bring something to share for a potluck lunch. And bring some extra $ for dinner—we’ll order from a local BBQ joint. Workshops, hikes, and labyrinth time are being planned for all ages.

· Cost: Children under 3 are free! $5 for adults. $3 for children 3-12 years old.
Cash or check made out to FELC is fine

· Park entrance fee is $5 for adults (kids 12 and under are free)

· Address: 100 Park Road 1E Smithville, 78957

Please let Jimmy Wright (formation@felcaustin.org) or Renee Carlson know
that you plan to attend.

You can use the cost information above to write your check, or download this document (online) as an additional reminder.

Need info on the day of the retreat?
Call Renee Carlson on her cell: (512) 657-5540.


Wednesday, March 4
Serving 6-7 pm
$4 per plate

Sweet and Tangy Meatloaf
Orange Glazed Sugar Snap Peas
Dill and Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes
Spinach Salad with Toasted Pecans and Raspberry Vinaigrette


Dinner Church: Stories of Food and Faith

Wednesday evening Lent worship services combine the Companion Café dinner
with evening prayer around the tables in the fellowship hall. We’ll listen
to biblical stories about food and faith. Dinner begins serving at 6 PM.
Worship is from 6:30 to 7:15 PM.



Sisters in Spirits
Thursday, March 12, 2015 at the Butterfly Bar, 2307 Manor Road, Austin, 78722
Contact Sarah Roberts for more info: sarabeara_13@hotmail.com; (512) 826-7798.

Grow Green Day, March 14, 9–11 am
Come participate in meaningful, fun, eco-friendly landscape projects around
the FELC grounds! Please contact Travis Gould with any questions:
tegould85@gmail.com or (830) 328-3068.



I’m in the process of setting up a family prayer corner in my home. The
idea is to have an intentional, physical location to remind us about God
and take a break from our hectic daily life for prayer and reflection.
It’s quite simple to do. I’ve got a couple of Byzantine Icon paintings and
a candle. A cross or prayer beads might work well. A plant, bowl of water
and picture of nature might work. It can be as simple or elaborate as you
want. I’ll post a photo of mine on our family facebook page. You could do
the same.

Mr. Jimmy

Saturday March 7th
The FELC Lenten retreat takes place at Buescher State Park. Our children
will explore Celtic Christianity through a short animated film called, “The
Secret of Kells.” We’ll then experience the beauty and art contained in the
“Book of Kells.” This ancient illuminated manuscript contains the four
gospels of the New Testament. In the afternoon we’ll spend some time
learning about and walking a labyrinth created in the design of the 11
circuit labyrinth in the nave of Chartes Cathedral in France. There will be
games, hiking, good food and great fellowship time, too!

Sunday March 8th
Spark Rotation continues with two workshops on, The Prodigal Son. Our
younger children will participate in a video workshop using scenes from,
Lilo and Stitch. Our older kids will enjoy an art workshop called, Mistake Erasers.

Godly Play returns this week with, The Faces of Easter I and II. This
week’s presentation focuses on the face of Christ as a newborn child and
the face of Christ as the One who was lost and found. During Lent, we
prepare for the Mystery of Easter.



Saturday March 7th I hope all of our youth will come to our parish Lenten
retreat and help out. We need lots of help, with children, meals, games,
and the labyrinth. No yarps were available this year but a donation will be
made to our youth fund with the amount of $ we would’ve spent on the yarps
for your help! 10am Buescher State Park.

Jimmy Wright