Weekly Update – July 15

July 16 at 5:30 pm

Service. Bedtime Brigade. Incoming 5–12 graders welcome. Bring a friend. Depart FELC 5:30 pm and return around 8 pm. Dinner provided. We’ll join others in reading stories, playing games and eating lot’s of cookies with the families staying at the United Way shelter in downtown Austin.

Contact Jimmy Wright (440) 985-8981 or [1]formation@felcaustin.org

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Jimmy’s Intersection for Youth
Jimmy’s Intersection for Children & Families


(the NVC Group)
Wednesday, July 16 at 6:30 pm in the Parlor

For those interested in continuing to explore non-violent communication (NVC),
Travis Gould is facilitating discussions and all are welcome to join and explore
how language can serve as a means to compassion and reconciliation. If you are
interested in this discussion, please RSVP to Travis Gould by Noon on Wednesday
at: tegould85@gmail.com or call (830) 328-3068.


“Taking It to The Streets”
A Social Ministry Fair and Concert

What’s so important about gathering folks together for fellowship through
education and music?

Michael McDonald, a songwriter from the 1970’s wrote “Taking it To the Streets”
In it, he expressed the frustration of those who had been long ignored, misused
and forgotten; that those on the outside did not realize the hell that had been
created, and therefore he was taking this to the streets.

When people gather for a cause, a purpose, music is more than likely involved.
Education doesn’t have to be in a classroom. Educating can be through connecting
people who are concerned about the same causes or fighting the same fight, so
that we collectively as people of faith can really raise the roof on what is
affecting our neighbors and others in our neighborhoods.

So come out on August 3 from 1-4 pm to learn, to be inspired, to fellowship with
others on the issues affecting those we serve! Light refreshments are needed;
please see our Vicar this Sunday after service for a sign-up sheet, or e-mail
her at vicar@felcaustin.org



Our choir is on sabbatical through Labor Day weekend. However, that doesn’t mean musical offerings stop. Anyone—of any age—interested in offering music by singing or playing an instrument is encouraged to contact Bryan at music@felcaustin.org or
(512) 704-2906. You can offer music individually or with a group.


For Families of Young Kids

Calling all artists – elementary age and below! This summer the art for the for
the front cover of our worship bulletin continues to be created by young
participants at First English. The art can even be printed in color. Each week
has a theme and you can view the themes and sign up for a week by using the link below:


Please contact Katherine Ortiz (katortiz@hotmail.com) or Jackie Chuter (jackiechuter@yahoo.com) or Vicar Kwame (vicar@felcaustin.org) with questions.

Thanks for your participation!



Thanks to Steve Jung sharing his witness about our ministry with John Stepan,
owner of Cabo Bob’s Burritos, during the month of July Cabo Bob’s is giving
anyone who says they are from First English Lutheran Church 50% of the money
from sales toward the cost of replacing the kitchen oven at First English!

So, please, come out and support this local eatery as well as FELC!

Cabo Bob’s, 2828 Rio Grande St. is located near First English. Web site is http://cabobobs.com. They are not open on Sunday so that employees can enjoy Sabbath time. Support this endeavor and new partnership!



The First English Book Club is asking for your suggestions for our 2014-2015 reading year! We need suggestions of good books so we can choose our reading list for the coming year. Interesting ideas, great writing, fiction or non-fiction, we love to read good books and WE NEED YOUR SUGGESTIONS, now through July 30.

Submit suggestions to Anne Wiebe at wiebeanne@hotmail.com (or bring to the FELC office) with the title/author for up to three books. Each book should be 450 pages or less, and available through the Austin Public Library. We especially request suggestions of shorter books, 200 pages or less, since we plan to alternate “quick-read” books with average-length books again on this year’s list.