Weekly Update – April 7


Join us next Wednesday, April 15, for the last Companion Cafe of the spring
session, serving from 6-7 pm in the Fellowship Hall.



Happy first week of Easter! We have 50 days during this season of the
church year. Spark Rotation resumes this coming Sunday; with two weeks
focused on Jesus first miracle—turning water into wine—and celebrating
God’s great joy with The Wedding at Cana.

Godly Play returns during the children’s gathering time of the 11am
service. This week we’ll explore the many different types of crosses and
get a chance to create our own.

First Communion classes will begin on April 26th after the 11am service.
This is open to any children expressing an interest in this holy sacrament.
It’s really not an age or grade thing so much as it’s a curiosity or
expressed interest from your child.

How do you know if your child is ready? Step one—have they been baptized?
Step two—talk with them about it. My opinion is if they have asked, spoken about it,
or held out their hands to receive the bread, then it’s time.

Please register by contacting Mr. Jimmy formation@felcaustin.org



Many thanks to everyone that helped and participated in our Easter
breakfast fundraiser. We collected $430 which goes a long way in getting us
to the Motor City! On April 12th we’ll continue selling stock shares.
Anyone purchasing a share of stock will be invited to attend a shareholders
dinner and presentation upon our return.

Youth Forum returns this Sunday, April 12th at 9:45am. Over the next two
weeks, we’ll begin to explore the history and culture of Detroit, MI. This
will help prepare us for our trip to the ELCA Youth Gathering in July.


Sunday, April 12

Hello friends! We will be serving a meal at the Micah 6 Street Youth
Drop-in Center after church! Please RSVP here on Facebook if you can cook
and comment if you want to be on the serving team at Micah 6! We are going
to need a good crowd for this one to help cook and 2-4 people to volunteer
to go over there after and serve! Serving volunteers will return to church
by 6:00pm.


Here are the details (from Micah 6 coordinator):

The Street Youth Drop-in Center is located at University Baptist Church at
2130 Guadalupe Street. You enter through the San Antonio Street side by
the circle drive and walk down the stairs to the basement. The meal is
served at 4:30 PM. It helps to do the majority of the cooking in advance at
home or at church. Usually, volunteer chefs arrive around 3:30 PM to reheat
items, chop veggies for salad, etc. Clean-up begins around 5:00, and you’re
done by 5:30 PM. Sue Moss, the volunteer kitchen coordinator, is usually
there to guide you, and if she’s out of town, she will have an able
substitute. It helps to have 2-4 people to serve, but the kitchen gets
crowded with more than that.