Spirituality in Movies

Monday, August 23 • 6:30 PM

In the Church Parlor

Join Pastor Coffey for an evening of film, popcorn, and conversation. This 1989 film by Woody Allen received widespread critical acclaim and many nominations and awards for writing, directing, and acting. It is one of Allen’s more serious and mature films, exploring difficult questions about God and human choices. What does it mean to lead a moral life, and how would you act if you knew you could get away with almost anything?

Bring a friend, grab some dinner and eat while you watch. Come and enjoy the next installment of this ongoing film and discussion series.




A new way to worship this summer!
Wednesday evenings • 7 to 7:30 p.m.
June 9 through August 11
In the Transept Chapel

We will have time

  • For silent prayer
  • For meditative singing using Taize and other songs
  • To hear Scripture read
  • To pray together for the joys and concerns of our lives and the world.

If you play piano, guitar, flute, or other instruments
and would like to participate in that way,
let Pastor Coffey know.

Join us for one or more Wednesday evenings this summer.
After the service would be a great time to meet up
for coffee or beer and visit.
Trudy’s? Spider House? JP’s Coffee?