First Annual Oktoberfest


Sunday, October 25

4:00 PM Fun, Games, Music, and Snacks
6:00 PM Dinner

We have such a great time each year at our annual chicken BBQ in the spring, it’s time to add a fun fall social event.  Octoberfest is a great way to enjoy unique food and music.  Pastor Coffey will be making an Octoberfest homebrew to sample as we gather at the BBQ pit to cook up sausage.
If you plan to attend and you’re able to cook, please bring one of the recipes we’re using for the dinner.  Contact the church at 512-478-1933 or email

Blessing of Animals

Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 3PM

Join us as we gather on St. Francis Day in Hemphill Park at 3 PM to bless the animals that enrich our lives.  Bring your pets caged or leashed, from dogs and cats to chinchillas and turtles, as we gather to give thanks to God for all creatures and bless those we love.  People of all faiths are invited to attend.