Children & Youth

At First English we value each child and youth as part of a family. Each young person is special, and is part of an extended family of faith.

Children’s Christian Formation

Each Sunday morning at 9:45 AM, we host an innovative story-based curriculum called Godly Play. Godly Play is an imaginative approach to presenting sacred stories and liturgy to children. Children enter the story through parables, silence and liturgy in order to discover God, themselves, one another, and the world around us.

Junior High Confirmation

Each Sunday morning during the education hour, our junior high youth gather for a study of the Old and New Testaments, the Small Catechism, and important topics about the Christian faith. Confirmation instruction for 8th graders includes addition meetings with the pastor and vicar, learning the Small Catechism with parents at home, and preparing for affirmation of baptism at the Easter Vigil.

High School Youth

Our high school youth meet on a regular basis for faith conversations and building friendships. They go on a mission trip each summer to serve others as part of their faith formation and enjoy being part of the church group.

Youth Forum meets regularly on Sunday mornings in special 3-4 week sessions throughout the year. Sessions are designed as a way for teens to reflect and discuss how the influences of culture, media, politics, world events and religion shape their lives and church.

Youth Group meets regularly to participate in fellowship and outreach projects. Building a strong community of peers and support both within First English and other local and synod congregations is a goal of this ministry. This is accomplished through the mutual support of fellowship activities, games, movies, outings, discussions and service projects.

Family Ministries

At First English, we seek a partnership with parents, working together as the primary source of our children’s faith formation. We share resources, read books, enjoy conversations, laugh, play, and support one another as we lead the spiritual life of our families. Although we see each other every week, we intentionally come together a few times each year. Whether swimming at one of the local water holes, enjoying an ice cream social, watching movies or sharing stories together, we seek to put Christ at the center of our daily lives.