Weekly Update – March 25

Wednesday, March 25
Serving 6-7 pm
$4 per plate


Dinner Church: Stories of Food and Faith

Wednesday evening Lent worship services combine the Companion Café dinner with evening prayer around the tables in the fellowship hall. We’ll listen to biblical stories about food and faith. Dinner begins serving at 6 PM.
Worship is from 6:30 to 7:15 PM.


Our youth continue with their fundraising efforts to attend the ELCA Youth
Gathering next summer. We’re so grateful for everyone’s participation and
we continue to need your help.

This week, our youth will be signing folks up to bring items to the Easter
Brunch. They’ll also continue selling shares of stock which provide
shareholders with a special Motor City meal and presentation upon our
return from Detroit.

Many, many thanks to our FELC family for your support!



We are in need of candy (not chocolate—it melts) filled Easter Eggs for the
children’s Easter Egg Hunt. If you could please bring a dozen and leave
them in the box marked “FELC Easter Eggs” in the parlor that would be
great! You can drop them off anytime between now and Easter morning at 9am.
Please contact Jimmy Wright if you can bring them, that way he’ll know how
many to expect. Thanks!

Jimmy Wright (440) 985-8981 or formation@felcaustin.org



Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, March 29th. This time is considered the
highest holy days of the Christian year. As Christians, we are called to be
in church for the liturgy of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday,
Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday. If you can’t be at FELC for any of these
services, I hope you will find a church near your work or home to attend.

March 29th
9:45am Spark Rotation will finish watching the movie, The Secret of Kells.
If your children were not here on March 22nd, you can watch the first 40
minutes on Netflix. We’ll then have some time to explore, The Book of Kells
and create our own Illuminated Manuscripts.

11am Palm Sunday Liturgy. We’ll have a very special procession for the
children. We’ll also have a special Godly Play presentation for the entire
congregation during the children’s gathering time.

April 5th
9am is our Easter brunch and traditional Easter Egg hunt. There will be no
Spark Rotation offered on Easter Sunday. If parents could please bring a
dozen candy filled Easter Eggs that would be great! No chocolate please as
it melts. You can drop off the eggs anytime between now and Easter morning.
I’ll have a box set-up in the parlor marked “FELC Easter Eggs” and you can
leave them there.



We have raised $1700 for our trip to Detroit. This is excellent! Many
thanks to our congregation and the youth who have led our efforts.

March 29th
We’ll continue selling stock shares after the 11am service. We also need to
finish getting folks signed up to bring grocery items for the Easter

April 4th
Plan to meet at FELC at 2pm to set-up, prepare and cook for the Easter
brunch. Renee Carlson will be with us to help.

April 5th
We begin serving breakfast at 9am. As in the past, we’ll clean as we go so
we can wrap everything up before the 11am service and head off with our
families to enjoy the rest of Easter!

Please let Jimmy Wright know your availability. And if you have any
questions, call his cell phone: (440) 985-8981.


Sunday, April 12
Youth Drop In Center

The LIFErs are planning on serving a meal at the Micah 6 street youth drop
in center on Sunday April 12. LIFErs will cook after church on April 12 and
arrive at Micah 6 by 4:30 pm to serve the meal and return to church by 6:00 pm. For more about this event contact, Andy Petras: petras.andrew@yahoo.com; or Travis Gould: tegould85@gmail.com.

The Street Youth Drop-in Center is located at University Baptist Church at
2130 Guadalupe Street.


Speaking, & signing her recent novel Hausfrau
Wednesday, March 25 at 7PM
BookPeople 603 North Lamar Blvd, 78703

Jill Alexander Essbaum’s new novel, Hausfrau, is one of the most
anticipated novels of 2015; an engrossing story of marriage, fidelity, sex,
morality, and how we discover ourselves. The novel follows Anna, a
housewife in her late-thirties living in Switzerland, whose comfortable
life masks an internal desperation that sends her in search of new
experiences – language classes, psychotherapy, and extramarital affairs.
Anna and her decisions will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last
page. We’re so glad to have Essbaum in the store tonight to share this story.

Jill Alexander Essbaum is the author of several collections of poetry and her work has appeared in The Best American Poetry, as well as its sister anthology, The Best American Erotic Poems, 1800-Present. She is the winner of the Bakeless Poetry Prize and recipient of two NEA literature fellowships. A member of the core faculty at the University of California, Riverside’s Palm Desert Low-Residency MFA program, she lives and writes in Austin, Texas.


The Hesed Lecture Series
Friday and Saturday, March 26-27
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

On Friday and Saturday March 26-27, the Hispanic Student Association and
the African American Student Group at Austin Presbyterian Theological
Seminary are hosting the Hesed Lecture Series! Our theme this year is
Building Safe Neighborhoods?

The term Hesed–???– is the Hebrew word for Mercy, Loving-kindness, and
Justice. HESED is the center of our discussions. This is a prime
opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about safe communities and
we hope you will consider joining us and encouraging others to do so as well.

The goal is simple: To open up discussion and dialogue involving city and
state government, the church, and people from surrounding communities. Our
desire is to learn from each other and empower voices both from within and
outside of the church to advocate for one another.

This two day gathering will provide an interactive environment from which
to connect, share ideas, and implement plans for the community that go
beyond a secular context, expanding into a biblical one for the greater
good of all citizens.

This year’s speakers are Rev. Freddie D. Haynes III from Friendship West
Baptist Church in Dallas, TX and Attorney Virginia Raymond from Austin, TX

Thanks in advance for supporting this important event and sharing this
information with others.

Location: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
100 East 27th Street, Austin, 78705   (713) 557-6520
When: Friday, March 27, 2015 at 7:00pm- 9:00pm (evening reception)
Saturday, March 28, 2015 8:30am-1:30pm (breakfast & lunch provided free of charge)
Cost: Free to the Public

If you have additional questions, contact Travis Gould: tegould85@gmail.com
or (830) 328-3068.



The high point of the church year is the celebration of the death and
resurrection of Christ. The liturgies and rituals of Holy Week and Easter
are meant to be a source of renewal and inspiration. Plan on attending as
many of them as you can and participate in the church’s deep, profound
celebration of the paschal mystery.

March 29: Palm Sunday
This year’s Palm Sunday liturgy will be different: We will observe the Palm Sunday celebration without the Passion reading. This is the earliest tradition of the church, and serves as the beginning of the Holy Week story. Without the Passion story told on Palm Sunday, it is important for all to participate in Good Friday in some meaningful way, so we don’t skip over the struggle and triumph of the cross to get to Easter.

April 2: Maundy Thursday
Noon: Table Communion with Lunch
7:30 pm: Confession and Absolution, Foot Washing, Communion

We end the Lenten disciplines and focus on the story of Jesus’ self-giving
love. Maundy Thursday is a beautiful and profound liturgy that invites us
to share in Jesus’ humility and observe his commandment to love one another
as he loved us, expressed in the foot washing ritual.

April 3: Good Friday
Noon to 6:00 pm: Silent Meditation on the Cross
The sanctuary will be open all afternoon for your silent meditation on the
mystery of the cross. Materials are provided for guided prayer. Stations of
the Cross will be placed in the sanctuary. Music meditations will be
provided on the hour.

7:30 pm: Good Friday Liturgy
This most solemn liturgy gathers us together before the cross to hear the
good news that Christ dies for us and the whole world.

April 4: Easter Vigil
9:00 pm with champagne reception after

The greatest and grandest liturgy of the church’s tradition, the Easter
Vigil is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ that renews our lives.
The Vigil is the entire church’s time to be renewed in baptism, and the
traditional high point for celebrating baptisms in the church. This year we
celebrate with two adults their affirmation of faith.

April 5: The Resurrection of our Lord, Easter Sunday

8:30 and 11:00: Festival Eucharist

9:00 to 10:45: Easter Breakfast (High School youth fundraiser)

10:00: Easter Egg Hunt